Vectis Hamstery and Exotics

Exhibitor and Breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters and Duprasi

2012 Litters


Bondes - born 30/7/12 (All Rehomed)

Parents: Ryde (dom spot) and Bonchurch (BEW)

There were two dom spots(one male, one female) and one female black-eyed white in this litter. The male stayed at Vectis.


Valtines - born 27/02/12 (All Rehomed)

Parents: Valjean (dom spot) and Fantine (dom spot)

 There were three male dom spots, one female dom spot and one male normal. One dom spot male has stayed at Vectis.

Celevens - born 21/01/12 (All Rehomed)

Parents: Celebros(black-eyed white) and Raven(normal)

 There was one male dom spot pup in this litter who has stayed at Vectis.

Rasils -  born 30/06/12 (All Rehomed)

Parents: Persil: Small but Mighty (normal) and Raven (normal)

There were four normal babies in this litter: two male and two female. One female will stay at Vectis and the other three babies have been reserved.