Vectis Hamstery and Exotics

Exhibitor and Breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters and Duprasi

2014 Litters


Ballants - born 4th December 2014

Parents: Atlanta (SH golden) and Baltic (SH satin golden)

Expected: goldens and dark greys, half satin

Cassius Litter - born 15th November 2014

Parents: Sirius and Cassiopeia

There are five pups in this litter - three males and two females

Nettle's Secrets - born 2nd September 2014

Parents: Nettlecombe and Panda (both dom spots)

There are five pups in this litter: two dom spot males, one dom spot female, one BEW male and one BEW female.

Otaxises - born 9th August

Parents: Oceana (LH dark grey) and Diplotaxis (SH satin golden)

There are 13 pups in this litter: 5 golden and 8 dark grey.

Bobells - born 20th July 2014

Parents: Boblet (dom spot) and Chessell (BEW)

There are three dominant spot males and one black-eyed white male in this litter. One dominant spot is still available.

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Blanklins - born 16/4/14

Parents: Blackgang (black-eyed white) and Shanklin (dominant spot)

There's one male dominant spot pup in this litter. He is staying here!

Cujens - born 22/03/14

Parents: Curie and Jenner (both normals)

There are 7 normal robos in this litter: 2 female and 5 male.

Martans - born 07/03/14

Parents: Britannia (shorthaired dark grey) and Marble (longhaired dark grey)

There are seven dark grey hamsters in this litter:

1 short haired male

1 long haired male

1 short haired female

4 long haired females