Vectis Hamstery and Exotics

Exhibitor and Breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters and Duprasi

Current Litters

Vectis Hamstery breeds several litters each year. The breeding code can be found here. Vectis also sometimes has rescue hamsters available.

Enquiries about rehoming babies are welcome. Please note that Vectis Hamstery does not ship or courier hamsters to new homes either in the UK or abroad.

Baby hamsters and duprasi will be rehomed with an information pack including care sheet, pedigree, club membership form, food sample and treat pack.

The 2017 Vectis litters with babies available, both born and due, can be found on this page. Please read down for information on each of the litters, divided by species.

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Due to an increase in enquiries and a temporary reduction in hamstery admin time, there is a delay in replying to emails and contact forms. Please be patient - replies will be sent!


Chinese Hamster Litters 

Vectis breeds normal, dominant spot and black-eyed white Chinese hamsters.

All black-eyed white Chinese babies have been reserved for the foreseeable future and will not be available.

All Chinese hamsters here are tested for diabetes before mating and rehoming. Any hamsters found to be diabetic would not be rehomed and no further breeding from them would occur.


Born: 1/6/17

Mum: Merstone (BEW)

Dad: Adgestone (BEW)

All BEWs are expected in this litter. None will be available for pet homes.


Born: 12/6/17

Mum: Sandown (dom spot)

Dad: Norton (dom spot)

50% dom spot, 25% normal and 25% BEWs are expected in this litter.

Planned and Current pairings:

Lilliput's Helen at Vectis (BEW) and North Star's CW StJ Nobby Nobbs (normal)

Vectis's Scrappy (normal) and Ridcully (normal)

Vectis's Calbourne (dom spot) and Vectis's Kingston (dom spot)

Vectis's Red Scharron (normal) and Lilliput's Lio!rt Wymbidder at Vectis (normal)


Syrian Hamster Litters

Vectis focuses on dark grey and cinnamon Syrians, in both long and short hair.

Other colours, patterns and fur types may be available depending on pairings. For example, golden, satin, dominant spot.

Planned pairings:

Vectis's Queenie (SH golden) and Tristar's Delphic at Vectis (LH yellow)
Expected: golden, dark grey, torts

Campbell Hamster Litters 

Vectis focuses on argente Campbell hamsters. Other colours may be available depending on pairings.

Caestars (all rehomed)

Born: 21/3/17

Mum: Mally's Terentia at Vectis (argente)

Dad: Vectis's Caesar (argente)

There are seven argente pups in this litter: 5 males and 2 females

Winter White Litters

Vectis is starting breeding winter white hamsters in 2016, focussing on sapphire winter white hamsters. Other colours may be available depending on pairings.

Kittidens (all reserved)

Born: 9/5/17

Mum: Lilliput's Kittiwake at Vectis (sapphire)

Dad: Wellington's Denmark (sapphire)

There are seven sapphire pups in this litter: 5 males and 2 females

Planned pairings:

Picus Abraxabra at Vectis (normal) and Double Special Bakkum at Vectis (sapphire)

Duprasi Litters

Vectis breeds towards the National Gerbil Society standard, with health and temperament as a priority. The pedigrees for the duprasi are being developed, but are currently not as extensive as those for the hamsters.

Doblys I (all reserved)

Born: 20/3/17

Mum: Lyra

Dad: Dobby

There are six pups in this litter: 3 male and 3 female

Doblys II 

Born: 27/4/17

Mum: Lyra

Dad: Dobby

There are three pups in this litter: 1 male and 2 female


Born: 2/6/17

Mum: Aquila

Dad: Altair

Aquila is keeping the nest closely guarded so no indication of how many pups

Planned pairings:
Vela and Regor