Vectis Hamstery and Exotics

Exhibitor and Breeder of Chinese Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters and Duprasi


Duprasi (Pachyuromys duprasis) are a species of gerbil that originate from Egypt and North Africa. They are also known as fat-tailed gerbils, or 'doops'.

They have hairless, shorter, fatter tails than Mongolian gerbils in which they store fat reserves. They behave more like hamsters than gerbils, and benefit from a sand bath to keep their fur from looking greasy.

There are plans to develop this duprasi section of the Vectis website. In the meantime, more information about the care and housing of duprasi can be found here.

All the Vectis exotic rodents are captive bred and, as with the hamsters, health and temperament are my primary aims. Small numbers of duprasi are bred at Vectis to develop a show line.

Current and future litters will be listed on the Current Litters section of the website, and those interested in rehoming a duprasi should use the rehoming application form to be added to the waiting list.